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Renting Process

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1 Register your interest

The very first step when renting a property is to let people know you are actively looking. Register your details with us either by phone, by email or using our online form so that we can look out for suitable properties for you to view. Be sure to include any special requirements or preferences you may have and state your current employment status. Although we are registered with the council, we very rarely get Landlords who are able to take on a tenant receiving housing benefit.

2 Finding the right property

When searching for a new home it can be a daunting process, but there are a few things to bear in mind when viewing properties:

  • Is the property suitable for you in terms of Location?
  • Is the property suitable for you in terms of Cost? (take into account whether or not bills are included, if the rent is non-negotiable then you may need to review your budget or continue to view other properties)
  • Is the property suitable for you in terms of Condition? Do not expect the Landlord to make modifications if the property is perfectly liveable. You can put forward requests, but do so upon viewing rather than once a contract has been signed, so you know where you stand.

3 Consider a managed property

If you would prefer to speak to an agent, rather than speaking to your Landlord direct, you should look for properties that are managed by the letting agent. This will mean that the agent will act as a middle man and will deal with any issues that may arise, any maintenance work that may need doing, carry out periodic inspections of the property and will liaise with you and your Landlord regarding all of these things. If a property is managed, the rent would be paid to the agent and we would then forward it to your Landlord, some people feel more secure working this way.

4 The key to successful viewings

When viewing a property it is difficult to know what will make you stand out from the other applicants who may all rush in and want the property too. In the event that there are several people keen on putting a deposit down on the same property, it is down to us to assess the applicants and try to decide who would be the most suitable, which will lead to some rejection. To make yourself stand out as a potential tenant, consider these things:

  • Will I be able to pay any additional rent upfront? (this could put you at an advantage)
  • Will I pass referencing quickly? (do you have a co-operative employer and landlord?)
  • Do I have a suitable guarantor if needed? (a UK Homeowner or person earning over 30x the monthly rent)
  • How suited to the property am I? (tenant to room ratio, pets, children)

5 Making an offer

Now you have viewed several properties and have found one which you feel would make a perfect home! It is time to put forward an offer to the Letting Agent which they will discuss with the Landlord. If you are going to put in an offer below the asking rent price, be realistic and remember the property is being advertised in line with current market conditions and / or according to the Landlords affordability so there may not be room for negotiation.

6 Offer agreed

Your offer has been agreed and now you will need to go through referencing. Our external referencing company will carry out extensive checks on you and all other tenants (over the age of 18) who will reside in the property with you. Anyone not referenced (with the exception of those under 18) will not be permitted to live in the property. The referencing company will obtain information from your current Landlord / Letting Agent, your Place of Work and also view your credit file.

7 Completion

All the relevant checks have been carried out and passed, which means you have secured the property. All that is left to do at this stage is to pay the remainder of your deposit, (see tenant fees) sign the Tenancy Agreement and be checked in at the property by either the Agent or your new Landlord at which point you will be given the keys to your new home.